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Featured Signature :

Chief Machinist Al Fickel

Joining the navy in 1939, Al Fickel was a seaman serving in the USS Pennsylvania on the morning of 7th December. The Pennsylvania was flagship of the US Pacific Fleet and in drydock at the time of the attack with her propellers removed. She was hit in the second wave attack at 0907. The damage was soon repaired and the Pennsylvania went on to serve with distinction in the Pacific Theatre.

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Westland Wyverns go vertical over HMS Eagle during the Suez Crisis of 1956

Up and Over by Randall Wilson.
Half Price! - 35.00
GITW1861GL. Review of the Fleet at Spithead by H. M Queen Victoria by A W Fowles.

Review of the Fleet at Spithead by H. M Queen Victoria by A W Fowles. (GL)
Half Price! - 300.00
 Battleship Tirpitz weighs anchor and ups steam to move out of Alta Fjord 1944.

Time to Move by Randall Wilson. (GS)
Half Price! - 250.00
 Spearheading the Falklands Task Force as it heads south in 1982, the carrier HMS Hermes is shown in company with two Type 21 frigates, HMS Arrow on the left and HMS Ardent in the near foreground. In the far distance, HMS Glamorgan glints in the sun as Type 42 HMS Sheffield cuts across behind Hermes. All pennant numbers were painted out and a vertical black identification stripe applied to all the Type 42s to distinguish them from their Argentine counterparts.

Falklands Task Force by Ivan Berryman. (Y)
Half Price! - 70.00

HMS Glowworm, burning severely after receiving hits from the mighty Admiral Hipper, is depicted turning to begin her heroic sacrifice off the Norwegian coast on 8th April 1940. Hugely out-gunned and already crippled, Glowworms captain, Lieutenant-Commander Roope rammed his destroyer into the side of the Admiral Hipper, inflicting a 40 metre rip in its armour belt before drifting away and exploding. 38 British sailors were rescued from the sea and Roope was awarded a posthumous VC for his bravery, the first earned by the Royal Navy in WWII.

HMS Glowworms Attack on the Admiral Hipper by Ivan Berryman (AP)
Half Price! - 25.00
 Launched in January 1915, the Revenge-class battleship HMS Resolution was to enjoy a 33 year career during which she served in the Atlantic, home and Eastern Fleets as well as serving repeated spells in the Mediterranean, being both bombed and torpedoed along the way. She is depicted off Gibraltar with HMS Wolverine, the destroyer perhaps best remembered for destroying the U-47 which sunk Resolutions sister ship Royal Oak in Scapa Flow.

HMS Resolution at Gibraltar by Ivan Berryman (GS)
Half Price! - 250.00
 One of the most experienced and respected test pilots in history, Eric 'Winkle' Brown carried out the first landing and take off by a jet aircraft on an aircraft carrier on 3rd December 1945.  This was accomplished in the second prototype De Havilland Vampire LZ551/G which had been extensively modified for the sole purpose of carrier operations.  Not only was an arrester hook added, but the aircraft featured larger flaps and was fitted with the more powerful Goblin 2 engine.  The first take off by a jet from an aircraft carrier is depicted here as Lt Cdr Brown lifts away from the deck of HMS Ocean on that momentous day.

Tribute to Lt Cdr Eric 'Winkle' Brown by Ivan Berryman. (GS)
Half Price! - 250.00
 The lead ship of the Royal Navy's Vanguard Class SSBNs, HMS Vanguard (S28) was commissioned on 14th August 1993 and is based at HMNB Clyde at Faslane.

HMS Vanguard in the Gareloch by Ivan Berryman. (P)
Half Price! - 700.00


Latest Naval Art Releases : 

 In January 1941, the young Mario Arillo was appointed the rank of Lieutenant Commander, placed in charge of the Regia Marina's submarine <i>Ambra</i> and was dispatched to the Mediterranean to help disrupt supplies to the Allied forces.  In May of that same year, Arillo attacked the British Dido Class Cruiser <i>HMS Bonaventure</i>, and Destroyers <i>HMS Hereward</i> and <i>HMS Stuart</i>, south of Crete, en route from Alexandria, the cruiser <i>Bonaventure</i> being sunk with great loss of life.  The <i>Ambra</i> is depicted here in a calmer moment, two of her crew scanning the horizon for 'business'.

Hunter's Dusk by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Under the command of Gianfranco Gazzana-Priaroggia, the Regia Marina submarine Leonardo da Vinci was to become the most successful non-German submarine of World War Two.  On 21st April 1943, she encountered the liberty ship SS John Drayton which was returning, unladen, to Capetown from Bahrain and put two torpedoes into her before surfacing to finish her off with shells.  The deadly reign of terror wrought by the combination of Gazzana-Priaroggia and his submarine came to an end just one month later when the Leonardo da Vinci was sunk by HMS Active and HMS Ness off Cape Finistere.

Scourge of the Deep - Leonardo da Vinci by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Sitting menacingly at a depth of 15 metres below the surface, just 2 km outside the heavily defended harbour of Alexandria, the Italian submarine Scire is shown releasing her three manned torpedoes, or <i>Maiali</i>, at the outset of their daring raid in which the British battleships HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Valiant and a tanker, were severely damaged on 3rd December 1941.  All six crew members of the three <i>Maiali</i> survived the mission, but all were captured and taken prisoner.  Luigi Durand de la Penne and Emilio Bianchi can be seen moving away aboard 221, whilst Vincenzo Martellotta and Mario Marino (222) carry out systems checks.  Antonio Marceglia and Spartaco Schergat, on 223, are heading away at the top of the picture.

Assault from the Deep by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Famed for his night time surface attacks on convoys, Otto Kretschmer, commanding U-99 is shown having claimed another victim beneath a full moon during the Summer of 1940.

U-99 by Ivan Berryman. (PC)


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Battle of Trafalgar Art Prints.

Trafalgar- The Destruction of The Bucentaure by Ivan Berryman.

Trafalgar: HMS Royal Sovereign Prepares to Break the Line by Ivan Berryman.
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HMS Belfast Naval Art Prints by Robert Taylor and Randall Wilson.

HMS Belfast by Robert Taylor.

HMS Belfast During the Battle of North Cape by Randall Wilson.
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Royal Navy Submarine Prints.
Secret Operation by Robert Taylor.

The Malta Station by Robert Barbour.
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Pearl Harbor US Navy Prints by Robert Taylor and Randall Wilson.
The Calm Before the Storm by Robert Taylor.

Aloha Hawaii by Randall Wilson.
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Swordfish Attack on the Bismarck Naval Art Prints by Stan Stokes and Ivan Berryman.

Sink the Bismarck by Stan Stokes. (B)

Bismarck by Ivan Berryman (B)
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Featured Naval Ship : 

HMS Albion

Launched : 6th May 1947
Deck Letter A.

Scrapped 9th July 1973.

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On this day in naval history....

4 December

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4thDecember1861HMS DefenceCommissioned
4thDecember1890HMS DreadnoughtArrived Suda Bay
4thDecember1917HMS BeeCdr.. George Francis Arthur Mulock Assumed Command
4thDecember1918HMS CassandraCapt. E.C. Kennedy in Command
4thDecember1918HMS CassandraStruck a mine in the Baltic
4thDecember1926HMS EnterpriseSailed Bombay
4thDecember1933HMS H32Arrived Portland
4thDecember1933HMS L71Arrived Portland
4thDecember1933HMS Iron DukeArrived Portsmouth
4thDecember1933HMS FrobisherArrived Sheerness
4thDecember1933HMS FrobisherCapt. H.A. Forster In Command
4thDecember1933HMS HawkinsSailed Bombay for Colombo
4thDecember1933HMS HawkinsSailed Bombay
4thDecember1933HMS BasiliskSailed Gibralta for Malta
4thDecember1933HMS BlancheSailed Gibralta for Malta
4thDecember1933HMS BoadiceaSailed Gibralta for Malta
4thDecember1933HMS BoreasSailed Gibralta for Malta
4thDecember1933HMS BrazenSailed Gibralta for Malta
4thDecember1933HMS BeagleSailed Gibralta for Malta
4thDecember1933HMS BrilliantSailed Gibralta for Malta
4thDecember1933HMS BulldogSailed Gibralta for Malta
4thDecember1933HMS KeithSailed Gibralta for Malta
4thDecember1933HMS AchillesSailed Portland for Chatham
4thDecember1934HMS HermesSailed Port Said for Aden
4thDecember1934HMS HermesArrived Suez and sailed for Aden
4thDecember1934HMS BridgewaterArrived Wusung and sailed for Santu Inlet
4thDecember1934HMS BidefordArrived Basidu
4thDecember1934HMS LaburnumSailed Nelson
4thDecember1934HMS LaburnumArrived New Plymouth
4thDecember1934HMS LaburnumArrived New Plymouth
4thDecember1934HMS HastingsSailed Suez for Red Sea
4thDecember1934HMS KentAt Hong Kong
4thDecember1937HMS GalateaArrived Palma
4thDecember1939HMS IntrepidAttached to the 20th Flotilla
4thDecember1939HMS IntrepidConversions completed Saileded Chatham for Sheerness
4thDecember1939HMS IvanhoeAttached to the 20th Flotilla
4thDecember1939HMS IvanhoeConversions completed Saileded Chatham for Sheerness
4thDecember1939HMS BedouinSailed the Clyde
4thDecember1939HMS FuryArrived Loch Ewe en route to the Clyde
4thDecember1939HMS EskimoSailed Rosyth to search for a suspected submarine in the Firth of Forth
4thDecember1939HMS EskimoArrived Methil with Convoy HM.3
4thDecember1939HMS EskimoSearched for a submarine in the Firth of Forth
4thDecember1939HMS AberdeenSailed Southend escorting Convoy OA.47
4thDecember1939HMS FaulknorAt Loch Ewe
4thDecember1939HMS FaulknorArrived Loch Ewe en route to the Clyde
4thDecember1939HMS AnthonySailed Southampton escorting Convoy SA.20
4thDecember1939HMS EnterpriseArrived at Portland from Portsmouth
4thDecember1939HMS CalcuttaSailed the Thames
4thDecember1939HMS DiamondCompleted refit, Sailed Singapore en route to the Mediterranea
4thDecember1939HMS EchoArrived the Clyde
4thDecember1939HMS EchoArrived Loch Ewe
4thDecember1939HMS EchoArrived in the Clyde
4thDecember1939HMS FiredrakeArrived Loch Ewe en route to the Clyde
4thDecember1939HMS ForesterArrived Loch Ewe en route to the Clyde
4thDecember1939HMS ExmouthArrived in the Clyde
4thDecember1939HMS ExmouthArrived the Clyde
4thDecember1939HMS ImperialArrived at the Clyde from Scapa Flow
4thDecember1939HMS ImpulsiveArrived at the Clyde from Scapa Flow
4thDecember1939HMS JackalPicked up Survivors from steamer Horsted in convoy, in 53.48N, 00.16E
4thDecember1939HMS JackalArrived on the Tyne with Convoy FN.48
4thDecember1939HMS JanusArrived on the Tyne with Convoy FN.48
4thDecember1939HMS JunoSailed the Tyne escorting Convoy FS.49
4thDecember1939HMS BitternArrived on the Tyne with Convoy FN.48
4thDecember1939HMS EclipseArrived in the Clyde
4thDecember1939HMS EclipseArrived the Clyde
4thDecember1939HMS BrokeInvestigating a submarine contact one mile east of Slapton Sands Hotel near Dartmouth
4thDecember1939HMS GrimsbySailed the Tyne escorting Convoy FS.49
4thDecember1939HMS EnchantressDetached from Convoy OA.45G
4thDecember1939HMS GlasgowArrived Methil with Convoy HM.3
4thDecember1939HMS DevonshireArrived Loch Ewe en route to the Clyde
4thDecember1939HMS BerwickSailed Portsmouth for duty with the Northern Patrol
4thDecember1939HMS IcarusSunk U-35 east of the Shetland Islands
4thDecember1939HMS IcarusSearched for a submarine in the Firth of Forth
4thDecember1939HMS IcarusSailed Rosyth to search for a suspected submarine in the Firth of Forth
4thDecember1939HMS IcarusArrived Methil with Convoy HM.3
4thDecember1939HMS IlexArrived Methil with Convoy HM.3
4thDecember1939HMS IlexSearched for a submarine in the Firth of Forth
4thDecember1939HMS IlexSailed Rosyth to search for a suspected submarine in the Firth of Forth
4thDecember1941HMS CumberlandCapt. Alexander Henry Maxwell-Hyslop in Command
4thDecember1942HMS KaleCommissioned
4thDecember1943HMS BermudaArrived Scapa Flow
4thDecember1956HMS CarronSailed Leixos
4thDecember1956HMS CarysfortAt Glasgow. Joined 6th Destroyer Squadron
4thDecember1959HMS HermesSailed Gibraltar for Portland
4thDecember1962HMS FarndaleBroken up at Blyth
4thDecember1964HMS CentaurArrived Aden
4thDecember1978HMS Ark RoyalRoyal Arrived Plymouth
4thDecember2002HMS GrimsbyPortsmouth
4thDecember2003HMS CardiffPortsmouth
4thDecember2003HMS GraftonDevonport
4thDecember2003HMS Iron DukeHull
4thDecember2008HMS BulwarkTyne

Entries in this list are supplied by worldnavalships.com

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