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Featured Signature :

Vice Admiral Sir Hugh Mackenzie, KCB, DSO*, DSC (deceased)

Educated at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, Hugh Mackenzie served in world war two becoming commanding officer of the Submarine HMS H28 in March 1941, of the submarine HMS H43 in June 1941, of the submarine HMS Thrasher (in which he sank 40,000 tons of enemy shipping) in March 1943 and of the submarine HMS Tantalus (in which he conducted a single patrol of nearly 12,000 miles) in June 1945 Mackenzie went on to be commanding officer of the Underwater Detection Establishment at Portland in 1952, commander of the 1st Destroyer Squadron in June 1954 and Chief of Staff to the Flag Officer Submarines in December 1956. After that he became Captain of the Boys' Training Establishment HMS Ganges in January 1959, Flag Officer Submarines in September 1961 and Chief of the Polaris Executive in Spring 1963 before retiring in September 1968. Vice Admiral Sir Hugh Mackenzie died on the 10th October 1996.

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 The potential value of aircraft at sea had been proven as early as the Battle of Jutland in 1916 and many experiments were undertaken to provide all significant warships with their own aircraft for spotting and reconnaissance purposes. One solution widely adopted was the fitting of flying-off platforms to the main guns, as demonstrated here, as a Sopwith 1½ strutter is launched from HMS Warspite in 1919.

Sopwith 1 ½ Strutter by Ivan Berryman. (B)
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The harbour of North Shields shown in the 1890s  showing a sailing Clipper  at Anchor with the Town of North Shields in the back ground
The Harbour at North Shields by Joseph Crawhall (GL)
Half Price! - 300.00
 Mitsubishi G4Ms of 27 Kanoya Kokutai begin their devastating attack on Force Z off the north east coast of Malaya on 10th December 1941. Both Repulse and prince of Wales were lost in the attack, while their accompanying destroyers remained to pick up survivors among them HMS Express which can be seen off HMS Repulse starboard quarter.

HMS Repulse with HMS Prince of Wales Under Attack by Ivan Berryman. (Y)
Half Price! - 55.00
DHM267P.  Shows the action on 26th May 1941 by Swordfish from HMS Ark Royal on the German battleship Bismarck. Fresh from her triumphant encounter with HMS Hood, Bismarck was struck by Swordfishs torpedo which jammed her rudder and was finished off by the home fleet on 27th May 1941.

Sink the Bismarck by Geoff Lea (P)
Half Price! - 1300.00

  HMS Agincourt is shown alongside HMS Erin with ships of the 1st Battle squadron of the Grand Fleet, on the eve of the Battle of Jutland.

HMS Agincourt by Randall Wilson. (P)
Half Price! - 1800.00
  Emerging from a smokescreen SMS Baden surges ahead of her sister ship SMS Bayern to resume battle speed in these fleet manoeuvres in the Baltic, during 1917

The Kaisers Ship by Randall Wilson (P)
Half Price! - 1800.00
 Battleship Tirpitz weighs anchor and ups steam to move out of Alta Fjord 1944.

Time to Move by Randall Wilson. (GS)
Half Price! - 250.00
 HMS Hood leads HMS prince of Wales past the Orkney islands as they build up steam to make a course to intercept  the mighty German battleship Bismarck.

Final Farewell by Randall Wilson (GL)
Half Price! - 300.00


Latest Naval Art Releases : 

 Few ships have been immortalised in art more than HMS Temeraire, a 98-gun veteran of the Battle of Trafalgar and iconic subject of JMW Turner's memorable painting. Although one of the finest paintings ever produced, it is known that Turner's version of this magnificent old ship's voyage to the breaker's yard is pure whimsy, composed to inspire pride and sentiment in equal parts. This painting is, perhaps, a more truthful rendering of the same scene. Here, the mighty Temeraire is reduced to a floating hulk, stripped of her masts, bowsprit and rigging, her bitumen-coated hull gutted of anything useful.  It is 7.30am on 5th September 1838. As the tide is judged to be just right, the steam tugs Sampson and Newcastle, piloted by William Scott and a crew of 25, take up the strain of the Temeraire's 2,121 tons to begin the slow journey from Sheerness to Rotherhithe, where she will be slowly taken to pieces at the yard of John Beatson. Whilst HMS Victory stands today in all her magnificence at Portsmouth, barely a trace of the ship that came to her rescue at Trafalgar exists.

The Temeraire's Last Journey by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Skirmishes between frigates were a common occurrence, such as here when the 32-gun HMS Amphion encountered a French opponent off Cadiz in 1806 the latter, to her great cost, straying among the British inshore squadron in the darkness of a moonless night. It is understood that the French vessel managed to escape being taken as a prize, although with much damage to her whales and rigging.

A Night Action off Cadiz by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 The hero of Trafalgar, HMS Temeraire, is depicted here at sea as she was originally constructed, with her simple scroll figurehead, and the yellow hull that was typical of the period. She has her studding sails set on the mainmast to help make all speed as she punches through the heavy swell of the English Channel. For Trafalgar, Temeraire was repainted with the 'Nelson Chequer' pattern that can be seen on HMS Victory today, this magnificent ship coming to the latter's rescue whilst fighting on with a prize lashed to each of her sides. Post Trafalgar, her crew raised enough money from their prizes to have a new figurehead carved which she carried proudly even to the scrap yard at Rotherhithe in 1838, where she was broken up.

The Good Old Temeraire by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Ships of Commodore Preble's Mediterranean Squadron are shown during the action of 3rd August 1804 when they provided support to the gunboats and mortar boats as they pounded the defensive walls and xebecs that were defending Tripoli. In the left foreground, the bomb boat Robinson rolls as she fires her mortar whilst the brig Argus takes up station behind Constitution, both of which are firing broadsides. The brig Syren is in the far distance, engaging more of the Tripolitan xebec gunboats, having cut inside of Constitution to engage the enemy more closely.

The Bombardment of Tripoli, 1804 by Ivan Berryman. (PC)


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Trafalgar- The Destruction of The Bucentaure by Ivan Berryman.

Trafalgar: HMS Royal Sovereign Prepares to Break the Line by Ivan Berryman.
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HMS Belfast by Robert Taylor.

HMS Belfast During the Battle of North Cape by Randall Wilson.
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Secret Operation by Robert Taylor.

The Malta Station by Robert Barbour.
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The Calm Before the Storm by Robert Taylor.

Aloha Hawaii by Randall Wilson.
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Sink the Bismarck by Stan Stokes. (B)

Bismarck by Ivan Berryman (B)
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Featured Naval Ship : 

HMS Blake

Launched : 20th December 1945
HMS Blake was built by Fairfield and launched on the 20th December 1945. Placed in reserve in 1963, she served as an accommodation ship for ships in refit. She underwent a major conversion between 1965 and 1969, when she became a Helicopter and Command Cruiser. Served until laid up at Chatham, January 1980. Broken Up 1982.

Sold for scrap 25th August 1982.

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On this day in naval history....

30 April

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30thApril1885HMS AjaxCommissioned into the Special Services Squadron
30thApril1890HMS BlancheSailed Plymouth for engine trials
30thApril1892HMS HoweArrived Spithead
30thApril1892HMS ImmortaliteArrived Spithead
30thApril1892HMS HeclaArrived Spithead
30thApril1897HMS GalateaCaptain Count F. Metaxa in Command
30thApril1897HMS GalateaArrived Portsmouth after escorting the Queen from Cherbourg
30thApril1904HMS DevonshireLaunched
30thApril1920HMS CarnarvonCapt. Ernest Wigram in Command
30thApril1920HMS CarnarvonSailed Sheerness
30thApril1921HMS CalcuttaSailed Barbados
30thApril1921HMS CambrianArrived Bermuda
30thApril1927HMS EnterpriseArrived Hong Kong
30thApril1929HMS EffinghamArrived Berbera
30thApril1929HMS BarhamSailed Villefranche
30thApril1929HMS CourageousSailed Rapallo Bay
30thApril1930HMS EffinghamSailed Portsmouth
30thApril1932HMS DelphiniumAt Simonstown
30thApril1932HMS DelphiniumCdr. R.B. Wilmot-Sitwell in Command
30thApril1933HMS LaburnumArrived Auckland
30thApril1933HMS DaffodilArrived Elephant Bay
30thApril1934HMS EagleOn the China Station
30thApril1934HMS LadybirdArrived Nanking from Wuhu
30thApril1934HMS AdventureOn the China Station
30thApril1934HMS AdventureArrived Shanghai
30thApril1934HMS EnterpriseSailed Dar-es-Salaam for Mombasa
30thApril1934HMS EnterpriseSailed Dar-es-Salaam
30thApril1934HMS CalcuttaArrived Nanking and sailed for Hankow
30thApril1934HMS ColomboSailed Lamu
30thApril1934HMS ColomboSailed Lamu
30thApril1934HMS ColomboArrived Malinda
30thApril1934HMS CardiffReserve Fleet at the Nore
30thApril1934HMS FermoyRelieved as Attached vessel to the 6th Submarine Flotilla
30thApril1934HMS DouglasOut of Dockyard hands
30thApril1934HMS LaburnumArrived Auckland
30thApril1934HMS FitzroySailed Boston
30thApril1934HMS HastingsSailed Malta for Port Said
30thApril1934HMS ExeterSailed Kingston, Jamaica for Bermuda
30thApril1934HMS BerwickOn the China Station
30thApril1934HMS BerwickCapt. C.G. Sedgwick in Command
30thApril1934HMS BerwickSailed Kobe
30thApril1934HMS CornwallOn the China Station
30thApril1934HMS CumberlandOn the China Station
30thApril1935HMS Esk5th Destroyer Flotilla
30thApril1935HMS EskCommissioned for service in the Home Fleet
30thApril1935HMS ElectraCommissioned for service in the Home Fleet
30thApril1935HMS Electra5th Destroyer Flotilla
30thApril1935HMS EncounterCommissioned for service in the Home Fleet
30thApril1935HMS Encounter5th Destroyer Flotilla
30thApril1935HMS Express5th Destroyer Flotilla
30thApril1935HMS ExpressCommissioned for service in the Home Fleet
30thApril1935HMS ExmouthCapt. A.L. St. G. Lyster in Command
30thApril1935HMS ExmouthCommissioned at Portsmouth
30thApril1935HMS, HMNZS LeanderCapt. R.R. Turner relinquished Command
30thApril1935HMS, HMNZS LeanderCommissioned in the 2nd Cruiser Squadron, Home Fleet
30thApril1935HMS, HMNZS LeanderCapt. A.F.E. Palliser Assumed Command
30thApril1937HMS, HMNZS LeanderCapt. J.W. Rivett-Carnac in Command
30thApril1937HMS, HMNZS LeanderCommissioned at Plymouth
30thApril1938HMS BridgewaterArrived Lagos
30thApril1939HMS Ark RoyalSailed Portsmouth for Portland
30thApril1939HMS BoreasSailed Portsmouth for Portland
30thApril1940HMS EmeraldCompleted refitting at Southampton
30thApril1940HMS JackalDetached with HMS Javelin after passengers disembarked from HMS Glasgow at Malangen
30thApril1940HMS JavelinDetached with HMS Jackal after passengers disembarked from HMS Glasgow at Malangen
30thApril1940HMS DunoonMined and sunk
30thApril1940HMS BitternLt.Cdr. Robert Henry Mills, RN Relinquished Command
30thApril1940HMS BitternBombed by German aircraft and subsequently scuttled
30thApril1940HMS GlasgowArrived Malangen Fjord near Tromso
30thApril1940HMS ArethusaInvolved with the evacuation of Aandalsnes
30thApril1940HMS BulldogLt.Cdr. John Patrick Wisden, RN
30thApril1941HMS CygnetLaid down Cammell Laird (Birkenhead)
30thApril1943HMS HoweAt Scapa Flow
30thApril1943HMS ArgonautArrived Philadelphia
30thApril1945HMS BarfleurArrived Gibraltar
30thApril1945HMS BarfleurSailed Gibraltar
30thApril1945HMS CapriceArrived Gibraltar
30thApril1945HMS CarronArrived Gibraltar
30thApril1945HMS Duke of YorkArrived Gibraltar
30thApril1946HMS CavalierSailed Bombay for Singapore
30thApril1947HMS GlorySailed Trincomalee
30thApril1947HMS ContestSailed Trincomalee
30thApril1947HMS ConstanceSailed Trincomalee
30thApril1947HMS JamaicaSailed Trincomalee
30thApril1947HMS GlasgowSailed Trincomalee
30thApril1955HMS Loch KillisportArrived Balala
30thApril1956HMS Loch AlvieSailed Bahrein
30thApril1964HMS CentaurArrived Singapore
30thApril1968HMS DanaeArrived Plymouth
30thApril1968HMS DanaeArrived Portland
30thApril1969HMS DanaeArrived Hong Kong. AMP
30thApril1976HMS AntrimArrived Liverpool
30thApril2002HMS CornwallFalmouth
30thApril2003HMS GraftonPortsmouth
30thApril2004HMS BlythOslo
30thApril2004HMS InvinciblePortsmouth
30thApril2007HMS ArgyllPlymouth Sound
30thApril2007HMS ArgyllDevonport
30thApril2007HMS ChathamDevonport
30thApril2008HMS Iron DukePortsmouth
30thApril2009HMS BrocklesbyCherbourg
30thApril2009HMS Iron DukePlymouth Sound

Entries in this list are supplied by worldnavalships.com

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