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Fireman 1st Class Quentin Pyle

Quentin Pyle served on the destroyer USS bagley at Pearl Harbor. Built in 1938, the Bagley was moored in the Southeast Loch close to the light cruiser USS St Louis, the only large ship to clear the anchorage during the attack. Wounded in the attack, Pyle went on to serve at Midway and The Coral Sea.

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DHM1733GS. Frunze by Randall Wilson.

Frunze by Randall Wilson. (GS)
Half Price! - £250.00
 Admiral von Spees Flagship SMS Scharnhorst leads SMS Gneisenau in the opening stages of engaging the Royal Naval ships east of the Falklands, 8th December 1914.

Battle of the Falkland Islands by Randall Wilson. (Y)
Half Price! - £75.00
HMS Ark Royal after a recent refit, rejoins the fleet in 2001.

HMS Ark Royal by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £15.00
DHM1731GL. Pytor Velikiy by Randall Wilson.

Pytor Velikiy by Randall Wilson. (GL)
Half Price! - £300.00

 Besstrashniy (meaning Fearless) 434 heavy rocket ASW Destroyer is shown swinging to the port side of Pyotr Velikiy (meaning Peter the Great) a Kirov Class Cruiser as they clear a path for the carrier Minsk.

Arctic Waters by Randall Wilson.
Half Price! - £50.00
Midday, 21st October 1805, and Admiral Collingwoods flagship, the 100-gun HMS Royal Sovereign, breaks the allied line and delivers a shattering broadside on the Spanish flagship Santa Anna. Making great speed, Collingwoods ship had breached the Franco-Spanish line some distance ahead of the rest of his van and the Royal Sovereign suffered heavily as she quickly drew the attentions of three French and three Spanish ships. To her starboard, the French Indomitable can be seen firing into the British flagship while, astern of the Santa Anna, Belleisle and Fougueux are engaging ahead of Mars, Monarca and Pluton.

The Battle of Trafalgar - The First Engagement by Ivan Berryman. (Y)
Half Price! - £345.00
The pride of the Royal Navy, HMS Hood, passes Gibraltar on her way to join HMS Prince of Wales at Scapa Flow and onto her short and tragic engagement with the German battleship Bismarck.

HMS Hood Passing Gibraltar by Brian Wood (P)
Half Price! - £1600.00
HMS Glowworm, burning severely after receiving hits from the mighty Admiral Hipper, is depicted turning to begin her heroic sacrifice off the Norwegian coast on 8th April 1940. Hugely out-gunned and already crippled, Glowworms captain, Lieutenant-Commander Roope rammed his destroyer into the side of the Admiral Hipper, inflicting a 40 metre rip in its armour belt before drifting away and exploding. 38 British sailors were rescued from the sea and Roope was awarded a posthumous VC for his bravery, the first earned by the Royal Navy in WWII.

HMS Glowworms Attack on the Admiral Hipper by Ivan Berryman (AP)
Half Price! - £25.00


Latest Naval Art Releases : 

 The daylight raid on Tokyo, led by Lt Col James H. Doolittle on Sunday 18 April 1942, has rightfully entered the history books as one of the most daring and courageous operations of the Second World War. On that day, in mid ocean, Doolittle had launched his B-25 Mitchell bomber from the heaving, spray-soaked flight deck of an aircraft carrier, a deck too short to land on, and flown on to bomb Tokyo. He knew there would be no return to the USS Hornet, either for him or the 15 heavily laden B-25s behind him, for this was a feat never before attempted, and for every crew member the mission was a one-way ticket. Yet, under the leadership of Jimmy Doolittle, they all dared to survive. The mission for the 16 bombers was to bomb industrial targets in Tokyo and surrounding areas, to slow production of strategic war material, then fly on to land in the part of south-west China that was still in the hands of friendly Nationalist forces. All being well, the mission would be so unexpected it would plant the first seeds of doubt into enemy minds. It worked – the Japanese were forced to quickly divert hundreds of aircraft, men and equipment away from offensive operations to the defence of their homeland. There was, however, another reason behind the Doolittle's raid – to lift the morale of an American public devastated by the attack on Pearl Harbor four months earlier. And the success of the mission provided the boost that was needed. If any had doubted America's resolve in the face of uncertainty, the courage, determination and heroism displayed by Lt Col Doolittle and his band of aviators restored their determination. Although it might take years, and the price would be high, America and her allies understood that the fight could, and would, be won. Commissioned to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Doolittle Tokyo Raid the painting portrays the dramatic moment that Lt Col Jimmy Doolittle lifts his B-25 off the pitching deck of the USS Hornet. Having timed his launch to perfection he climbs steeply away, ready to adjust his compass bearing for a direct line to Tokyo. On the sodden deck behind him the crews of the remaining 15 aircraft, whose engines are warmed, ready and turning, will quickly follow their commanding officer into the murky sky.

Destination Tokyo by Anthony Saunders.
 Nelson's sailors and marines board the San Nicolas and during heavy hand to hand fighting capture the ship.  Nelson drives HMS Captain onto the Spanish vessel in order that she can be boarded and taken as a prize, the British marines and men scrambling up the Captain's bowsprit to use it as a bridge.  The San Nicolas then fouled the Spanish three-decker San Joseph, allowing Nelson and his men to take both ships as prizes in a single manoeuvre.

Boarding the San Nicolas by Chris Collingwood. (P)
 Few ships have been immortalised in art more than HMS Temeraire, a 98-gun veteran of the Battle of Trafalgar and iconic subject of JMW Turner's memorable painting. Although one of the finest paintings ever produced, it is known that Turner's version of this magnificent old ship's voyage to the breaker's yard is pure whimsy, composed to inspire pride and sentiment in equal parts. This painting is, perhaps, a more truthful rendering of the same scene. Here, the mighty Temeraire is reduced to a floating hulk, stripped of her masts, bowsprit and rigging, her bitumen-coated hull gutted of anything useful.  It is 7.30am on 5th September 1838. As the tide is judged to be just right, the steam tugs Sampson and Newcastle, piloted by William Scott and a crew of 25, take up the strain of the Temeraire's 2,121 tons to begin the slow journey from Sheerness to Rotherhithe, where she will be slowly taken to pieces at the yard of John Beatson. Whilst HMS Victory stands today in all her magnificence at Portsmouth, barely a trace of the ship that came to her rescue at Trafalgar exists.

The Temeraire's Last Journey by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Skirmishes between frigates were a common occurrence, such as here when the 32-gun HMS Amphion encountered a French opponent off Cadiz in 1806 the latter, to her great cost, straying among the British inshore squadron in the darkness of a moonless night. It is understood that the French vessel managed to escape being taken as a prize, although with much damage to her whales and rigging.

A Night Action off Cadiz by Ivan Berryman. (PC)


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Battle of Trafalgar Art Prints.

Trafalgar- The Destruction of The Bucentaure by Ivan Berryman.

Trafalgar: HMS Royal Sovereign Prepares to Break the Line by Ivan Berryman.
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HMS Belfast Naval Art Prints by Robert Taylor and Randall Wilson.

HMS Belfast by Robert Taylor.

HMS Belfast During the Battle of North Cape by Randall Wilson.
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Royal Navy Submarine Prints.
Secret Operation by Robert Taylor.

The Malta Station by Robert Barbour.
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Pearl Harbor US Navy Prints by Robert Taylor and Randall Wilson.
The Calm Before the Storm by Robert Taylor.

Aloha Hawaii by Randall Wilson.
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Swordfish Attack on the Bismarck Naval Art Prints by Stan Stokes and Ivan Berryman.

Sink the Bismarck by Stan Stokes. (B)

Bismarck by Ivan Berryman (B)
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23 March

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23rdMarch1887HMS HotspurIn reserve
23rdMarch1890HMS IcarusArrived Pernambuco from Montevideo
23rdMarch1892HMS BlakeArrived Bermuda
23rdMarch1892HMS GleanerSailed Sheerness for Portsmouth and experimental trials
23rdMarch1892HMS BellerophonSailed Bermuda
23rdMarch1895HMS BarfleurArrived Gibraltar
23rdMarch1916HMS CleopatraDamaged in collision with HMS Undaunted.
23rdMarch1917HMS BlackmorevaleLaunched
23rdMarch1918HMS HopeIn collision with HMS Arno in the Dardanelles
23rdMarch1923HMS CoventryArrived Vigo
23rdMarch1927HMS EnterpriseArrived Hong Kong
23rdMarch1928HMS EnterpriseArrived Colombo
23rdMarch1928HMS CapetownArrived Grenada
23rdMarch1928HMS CapetownSailed St. Vincent
23rdMarch1933HMS DanaeSailed Pensicola
23rdMarch1933HMS AdventureArrived Plymouth
23rdMarch1933HMS AdventureCapt. J.V.V. Magrane in Command
23rdMarch1933HMS, HMNZS LeanderCapt. R,R, Turner Assumed Command
23rdMarch1933HMS, HMNZS LeanderCommissioned at Plymouth
23rdMarch1934HMS DuncanSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS ActiveSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS CockchaferArrived Kiukiang
23rdMarch1934HMS AcheronSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DefenderSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS AcastaSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS AchatesSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DanaeSailed Pensacola for Nassau
23rdMarch1934HMS DauntlessSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DauntlessSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DelhiSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DelhiSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DespatchSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS ArdentSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS AnthonySailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DragonArrived Monserrat
23rdMarch1934HMS EnterpriseArrived Colombo
23rdMarch1934HMS CairoSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS ColomboSailed Colombo for Aden
23rdMarch1934HMS CoventrySailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS AntelopeSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS ArrowSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS CodringtonSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS KempenfeltSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS CometSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS CrescentSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS CrusaderSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS CygnetSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DaintySailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DaringSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DiamondSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DianaSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DianaArrived Hong Kong
23rdMarch1934HMS DuchessSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS H34Arrived Portsmouth
23rdMarch1934HMS H50Arrived Portland
23rdMarch1934HMS L19Sailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS CampbellSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DouglasArrived Gibraltar and sailed for Portsmouth
23rdMarch1934HMS L18Sailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DaffodilArrived Simonstown
23rdMarch1934HMS HoodSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS, HMNZS LeanderSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS DorsetshireArrived Capetown
23rdMarch1934HMS KentArrived Chatham
23rdMarch1934HMS FrobisherSailed St. Thomas
23rdMarch1934HMS HawkinsArrived Colombo
23rdMarch1934HMS BarhamSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS BasiliskSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS BlancheSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS BoadiceaSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS BoreasSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS BrazenSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS BeagleSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS BrilliantSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS BulldogSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS KeithSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1934HMS AchillesSailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1935HMS DuchessSailed Hong Kong
23rdMarch1935HMS BidefordArrived Henjam
23rdMarch1935HMS HarrierArrived Gibraltar
23rdMarch1935HMS HussarArrived Gibraltar
23rdMarch1935HMS KentSailed Saigon for Bai D'Halong
23rdMarch1936HMS CockchaferSailed Kiukiang for Hankow
23rdMarch1936HMS GriffinSailed Devonport for Portland
23rdMarch1936HMS GriffinArrived Portland
23rdMarch1936HMS HotspurPennant
23rdMarch1936HMS HotspurLaunched
23rdMarch1936HMS L69Sailed Dartmouth for Plymouth
23rdMarch1936HMS BrokeArrived Falmouth
23rdMarch1936HMS BrokeSailed Devonport for Falmouth
23rdMarch1936HMS L53Sailed Dartmouth for Plymouth
23rdMarch1936HMS EnchantressArrived Portland
23rdMarch1937HMS HunterArrived and Sailed Algiers
23rdMarch1937HMS H34Arrived Portland
23rdMarch1937HMS L27Arrived Portland
23rdMarch1937HMS BerwickSailed Hong Kong for UK
23rdMarch1938HMS EagleSailed Singapore for Jesselton
23rdMarch1938HMS DianaSailed Singapore for Jesselton
23rdMarch1939HMS IntrepidArrived Malta
23rdMarch1939HMS Ark RoyalArrived Portsmouth
23rdMarch1939HMS CachalotArrived Plymouth
23rdMarch1939HMS IvanhoeArrived Malta
23rdMarch1939HMS AuroraArrived Portsmouth
23rdMarch1939HMS FuryArrived Home Ports
23rdMarch1939HMS AberdeenSailed St. Tropez
23rdMarch1939HMS AberdeenArrived Villefranche
23rdMarch1939HMS FaulknorArrived Home Ports
23rdMarch1939HMS ExmouthArrived Portsmouth
23rdMarch1939HMS ImpulsiveArrived Malta
23rdMarch1939HMS HardySailed Gibraltar
23rdMarch1939HMS HardyArrived Ajaccio
23rdMarch1939HMS GlasgowArrived Portsmouth
23rdMarch1939HMS CourageousArrived Plymouth
23rdMarch1939HMS IcarusArrived Malta
23rdMarch1940HMS ImogenDetached from Ark Royal and returned to Plymouth
23rdMarch1940HMS IvanhoeArrived Bergen with Convoy ON.21
23rdMarch1940HMS IvanhoeArrived Bergen with Convoy ON.21
23rdMarch1940HMS AbdielPennant M39
23rdMarch1940HMS AbdielLaunched
23rdMarch1940HMS AuroraArrived off Scapa Flow
23rdMarch1940HMS FoxhoundArrived Scapa Flow
23rdMarch1940HMS EskArrived Invergordon.
23rdMarch1940HMS FaulknorEngaged in anti-submarine exercises from Scapa Flow.
23rdMarch1940HMS FaulknorSailed Scapa Flow to searched for submarine west of Foula Island
23rdMarch1940HMS AmazonDetached from Convoy OA.114
23rdMarch1940HMS AntelopeDetached from Convoy OA.114
23rdMarch1940HMS ElectraSearched for submarine west of Foula Island
23rdMarch1940HMS EncounterSearched for submarine west of Foula Island
23rdMarch1940HMS ExpressDamaged in collision with the British trawler Manx Admiral off Kinnaird Head. The destroyer was taken to Hartlepool for repairs
23rdMarch1940HMS ExpressDamaged in a collision with trawler Manx Admiral ten miles due north of Kinnaird Head
23rdMarch1940HMS FameArrived Scapa Flow
23rdMarch1940HMS FearlessSailed Sullom Voe
23rdMarch1940HMS FiredrakeArrived Scapa Flow
23rdMarch1940HMS ForesightArrived Scapa Flow
23rdMarch1940HMS HunterSailed Sullom Voe
23rdMarch1940HMS AtherstoneCompleted. Attached to the Home Fleet.
23rdMarch1940HMS JanusArrived Bergen with Convoy ON.21
23rdMarch1940HMS JavelinArrived Bergen with Convoy ON.21
23rdMarch1940HMS JunoArrived Bergen with Convoy ON.21
23rdMarch1940HMS EclipseArrived Bergen with Convoy ON.21
23rdMarch1940HMS FoxgloveArrived Brest with Convoy SA.33
23rdMarch1940HMS LeithDetached from Convoy OA.113GF
23rdMarch1940HMS LowestoftDetached Convoy FN.126 on arrival
23rdMarch1940HMS LondonderrySailed Southend escorting Convoy FN.127
23rdMarch1940HMS ArethusaArrived Rosyth
23rdMarch1940HMS GalateaArrived Rosyth
23rdMarch1940HMS BrilliantSearched unsuccessfully for the pilot of a downed Hurricane southeast of Folkestone.
23rdMarch1940HMS IlexSailed Sullom Voe
23rdMarch1942HMS AriesLaid down at Toronto Shipbuilding Ltd. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
23rdMarch1942HMS JavelinJoined military convoy WS17
23rdMarch1942HMS IllustriousJoined military convoy WS17
23rdMarch1943HMS LowestoftLt.Cdr. (retired) Lawrence Henry Phillips, RN Assumed Command
23rdMarch1943HMS BrilliantLt. John Smallwood, RN In Command
23rdMarch1959HMS CarronSailed London
23rdMarch1972HMS AntrimArrived Portsmouth
23rdMarch2004HMS LancasterCardiff
23rdMarch2004HMS ArgyllPlymouth Sound
23rdMarch2005HMS LancasterPlymouth Sound
23rdMarch2005HMS CumberlandPlymouth Sound
23rdMarch2006HMS BangorDen Helder
23rdMarch2006HMS ArgyllLiverpool
23rdMarch2006HMS CornwallPlymouth Sound
23rdMarch2006HMS ChathamDevonport
23rdMarch2007HMS BrocklesbyAmsterdam
23rdMarch2007HMS ChathamDevonport
23rdMarch2009HMS CumberlandPlymouth Sound

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